Cosmic Astrology: Magical Persona Astrology [DL-CA1]

Cosmic Astrology: Magical Persona Astrology [DL-CA1]

With the first breath you take in the energy pattern of the universe at that particular time and place. This is alignment of the stars, planets and constellations at that particular moment. As you breathe in your internal energy pattern is formed from energy vibrations radiating from the stars in their alignment and position in the cosmos. This is the Five Element Theory of the Tao which applies to Chinese, Western and Birth Card astrology based on your first breath.

The only way to change this pattern to balance and transform it into your Immortal being is to first discover it. This is the purpose of this report, which is to discover your internal pattern so you balance and transform it through these five systems of astrology. Each system gives you a different look or perspective to formulate your own persona. The Taoist leave nothing to chance so with five different angles to view your persona you should have the correct idea of what you are looking at given five different perceptions of it. The five systems are:

  • Chinese Twelve Animals
  • Western Zodiac Twelve Signs
  • Chinese Animal & Western Sign Combinations
  • Western Sun & Moon Sign Combinations
  • Birth Personality and Destiny Cards

Your report will give you five different but similar and connected astrology systems for your whole persona and the results are amazing. That is why this report is called Cosmic Astrology, because with the six sets of analysis and explanation you will receive your persona (internal energy pattern) that you took in with your first breath so many years ago. Once you know your persona then you can balance and transform it to become your real self and discover divinity through Taoist Immortal practices.

As a special note: when you order the Cosmic Astrology system, your receive up to 3 different persona reports, one for you plus up to 3 free reports on celebrities you have most admired throughout history in the arts, politics, business and sports. Once you know their persona you will understand why and how they did the things they did based on their internal energy pattern.

This is your energy journey of self-discovery through Cosmic Astrology giving you the patterns of the universe and how they repeat themselves through different combinations revealing to you the secrets of yourself and the people you admire the most.

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