DVD Download

We are pleased to offer complete DVDs for download. Our d-DVDs are exact duplicates of Master Chia's DVDs, except that you can download them.

Once downloaded, you may burn the files to a DVD platter (if you have a DVD burner) or (with an appropriate DVD player on your computer) you may watch the e-DVD directly from the files on your hard drive (with the appropriate software).

Because a single DVD can contain up to 4.5 gigabytes of information, we strongly recommend that e-DVDs be purchased only by people with broadband connections to the internet.

If you have an unreliable connection and your downloads are interrupted, we recommend that you use a "download accelerator" program. These programs can resume failed downloads with no loss of data, so that you never have to "start over" after an Internet event beyond your control.

An e-DVD set can include anywhere from 3 to 15 or more files. These files are downloaded as zip files. The zip format is used for several reasons:

  1. Unzipping a file includes validation of the file, so a successful unzip means that the file was downloaded without error.
  2. DVDs require a simple but exacting structure of directories and files. The zip format allows us to deliver both the directories and files needed to create a valid DVD.
  3. The zip files will provide some compression, so that the download size is as small as possible.

After downloading your e-DVD, please unzip each downloaded file to produce the final DVD product. If you are low on space on your hard drive, we would suggest downloading one file, unzipping that file, and then deleting the zip file to save space. Repeat this process for each file in your eDVD product.

Finally, please note that our terms of sale for e-DVDs prohibit the resale or mass distribution of either the e-DVD files or any DVDs made from these files. We look forward to your compliance with these terms.

You may also want to read our page about "Creating and Playing a DVD".


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