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Lesser Kan & Li (E-DVD DL-DVD102)

Lesser Kan & Li (E-DVD DL-DVD102)

Moscow, Russia 2010

Disc 1: Master Chia explains that our ultimate purpose of life is to develop our soul and spirit to become healthy and strong so we can survive independently beyond our physical life after death. He explains their components that must be refined and combined into a unified power to achieve that goal. Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li practices provide the first steps to accomplish that ultimate goal. Food for our soul and spirit bodies is attained in the steaming meditation. This occurs by moving the fire element energy, Li, of the heart below the water element, Kan, of the sexual organs and kidneys—while simultaneously moving their energy above the fire. In Kan and Li meditation, protection from negative entities comes with the Fusion practices' spinning Pakuas and by aligning with protective forces of earth, nature and the universe. Also provides guided practice in collecting components and synthesizing them into a Sacred Fire for the Kan and Li practice.

Disc 2: Give more information about steaming the organs and their collection points for creating the energy for the immortal foetus so we can grow it into our Immortal Child. Then the practice continues for cultivating energy of the sexual organs and pineal gland. Guided practice resumes for steaming/refining more of our glands' and organs' energy. Master Chia teaches the Kan and Li Coupling practice in one's cauldron for growing our Immortal Child to become our adult, fully realized, mature and independent Immortal Spirit.

Total running time: 3 hours

  1. Theory (19:57)
  2. Original Spirit (33:26)
  3. Steaming Power (12:18)
  4. Protection Forces (7:37)
  5. The Sacred Fire Practice 1 (22:30)
  6. The Sacred Fire Practice 2 (18:50)
  7. Steaming Organ & Collection Point (14:53)
  8. Cultivating Energy of the Sexual Organ (42:35)
  9. Tao Garden Introduction (8:30)

Zipped files for 2 DVDs (12 files, approx. 7.4 GB).

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