[TA00] The Professor's Level 1 Course - Practice Guided Audio & Companion Text

[TA00] The Professor\'s Level 1 Course - Practice Guided Audio & Companion Text

This intro course is designed for beginners to the Universal Healing Tao System. It gives you a step by step approach to develop a daily practice of meditation and Chi Kung with all the simplified fundamental UHTS formulas of Internal Alchemy directly from the UHT books and booklets. Each formula is explained in great detail of its concept, theory and purpose, both verbally and written in English giving the student a complete understanding of why they should do the practices and the overwhelming benefits for their body, mind and spirit. The student will start to understand the Tao and its Mystical Way through the UHT daily practices with an overview of the UHT System and how the formulas are all inner connected & support each other on every level in a systematic way. These are basic formulas originally taught by Master Mantak Chia over 35 years ago & give the student a foundation to work with in their daily practice, preparing them for more advanced teachings of Master Chia's complete system. To understand the Tao you need to practice the Tao so the hardest part about the Tao is finding someone who is daily practicing the Tao and who is willing to teach you. In the 21st Century, because of our telecommunication technology, the student can now study, train and practice the Tao at any time of the day and anywhere on the planet. This course will give you not only the original formulas (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Chi Self Massage, Microcosmic Orbit, Wisdom Chi Kung, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I and Healing Love Practices), but their proper sequence, the Four Healing Arts of the UHTS, a clear explanation of the Tao, Master Chia and the Professor’s journey into the Tao, Taoist Affirmations, Quotes, Student Commentaries, Poems (Feeling of the Tao) and FAQ.

This complete course materials include audio with companion text files consisting of: Level I (41-Formulas) starts with Introduction of the Tao and its Meaning (Living in the Tao) and what it does not mean with the Theme “How to become a Taoist” and what it Means to be a Taoist followed by the formulas: Inner Smile (4 Formulas), Six Healing Sounds (6 Formulas), Chi Self Massage (15 Formulas), Microcosmic Orbit (3 Formulas), Wisdom Chi Kung (3 Formulas), Iron Shirt Chi Kung (5 Formulas & Standing Postures) and Healing Love (Theory and Concept - Unaroused and Aroused - Single and Dual Cultivation) with Testicle and Ovarian Breathing and Compression, Big Draw (Power Lock), Valley Orgasm and Total Body Orgasm (8 Formulas). Affirmations (5 Sections), Taoist Quotes, Taoist Poems and Ask the Professor Q & A. This is the First Basic Training Course as taught by The Professor, UHT Senior Instructor using Master Chia's Universal Healing Tao System from his 36 years of study and practices for you to discover the Tao and its Mystical Way!

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