Guided Sitting Meditation


2007 Version

Through consistent use of this practical DVD, you will begin to experience more vital health, a more balanced emotional life, and a deeper feeling of connection with everything around you. Guided Sitting Meditation is an energy-enhancing half-hour meditation in which you orbit the healing light (your life force energy, or "Chi') up your spine and down the front of your body through specific energy pathways. It is considered to be the foundation of all higher Taoist meditations and practices.

This DVD guides you in a continuous flow through all of the details of the complete Seven Stage Microcosmic Orbit Meditation taught on the Awaken Healing Light Instruction and Theory DVD. In the course of the meditation you will activate your internal energy, draw on the energy of the Earth and the "Chi" of the air, harmonize your sexual energy with your heart energy, connect with the energy of the stars and planets, and circulate all of his "Chi" through the major energy centers up your spine and down the front of your body. Guided Sitting Meditation takes you right into the classroom with Master Mantak Chia at his annual summer and winter retreats at Tao Garden. You will follow the same step by step instruction that his students at the retreat receive. This DVD, shot in a high resolution format, combines rich detail and clear organization to give you a truly complete experience of Master Chia's teachings.

Running Time 2 hours 3 minutes

  1. Tao Garden Introduction (06:55 Mins)
  2. Introduction (26:46 Mins)
  3. Cosmic Orbit (20:20 Mins)
  4. Inner Smile Laughing Chi Kung (24:47 Mins)
  5. Inner Smile Practice (21:10 Mins)
  6. Primordial Force (23:38 Mins)

DL-DA09 (audio MP3 files only).
Approximately 35 megabytes.
6 MP3 files plus one MP3 playlist file, packaged in a single zip file.
Price: $15.95

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