Morning Chi Kung Practices

Morning Exercise with Master Chia

The ancient Taoists recommended the morning as a particularly good time to practice chi kung. Nature is abundant with energy and this routine shows you to get into the flow of these natural rhythms. Join Master Mantak Chia in starting your day full of energy and vitality.

Learn How To:

  • Open the Door of Life
  • Open All the Joints of the Body
  • Stretch the Tendons
  • Activate the Cranial Pump
  • Use the Empty Force Breath
  • Align the Body
  • Use Simple Tai Chi Movements to Start Your Day

Running Time 1 hour 10 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introduction (02:42 Mins)
  2. Morning Exercise (7:22 Mins)
  3. Opening the Kwa (2:54 Mins)
  4. Elixer Chi Kung (20:11 Mins)
  5. Embracing the Tree; Standing Chi Kung (5:39 Mins)
  6. Laughing Chi Kung (8:51 Mins)
  7. Strengthening the Tendons (8:51 Mins)
  8. Buffalo and Turtle Chi Kung (3:33 Mins )
  9. Tai Chi Chi Kung (3:14 Mins)
  10. Tao Garden Spa and Resort (6:58 Mins)
  11. Tao Products (7:33 Mins)

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