Fat Man's Diet

A Life Saving & Changing Manual

Just imagine having no hunger cravings, full appetite control, loss of 1-3 lbs. per week, feelings of happiness, significant weight loss, plenty of energy, improved memory & no brain fog. This is your experience on the Fat Man's Diet for true weight loss, control & management and eliminating over 35 degenerative diseases at the same time for the rest of your life.

With the Fats Man's Diet program, you will discover how to consume Healthy Fats (70%), Healthy Proteins (15%) and Healthy Carbohydrates (Green Leafy Vegetables 15%) to loss hard aged body toxic fats and cleansing the body at the same time. The primary goal is to reduce your daily carbohydrate (sugars) intake to below your body's carbohydrate threshold for weight gain. This in turn causes your body to burn excess fats rather than sugars as its fuel source which is a highest-grade body energy fuel.

ISBN: 978-616-7614-26-7
97 Pages
Price:$10.00 USD

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