Taoist Paleo Medicine Meals

Eat your Way Back to Health and Longevity

After completing the "Cosmic Nutrition" and "Five Element Nutrition" books and our advancing years Master Chia and I have discovered with age our bodies have changed internally being depleted of many of our digestive enzymes and healthy body fats after over seventy years on planet, Earth. We, being a part of the "Baby Boomer Generation" which is still one third of the Earth's population find the age process robs us of youthful energy, natural enzymes and pH balances in our bodies.

Taoist Paleo Medicine Meals: Eat your Way Back to Health and Longevity

This booklet takes you to the next level of nutrition, health and longevity in our series on nutrition of the Universal Healing Tao System. It is especially designed for our aging population where longevity is the only true of strength and health. With age your body is drained of its natural minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fats from birth just being alive on the planet where our bodies cannot get enough of the natural nutriments to repair, rebuild and replenish itself.

With the Taoist Paleo Medicine Meals program you will discover where to get the additional nutriments needed to sustain, maintain, rebuild and replacing our aging cells for your longevity and more importantly feeling healthy again. This comes from the beginning of our physical body's evolution over ten billion years ago from our forging in the forest for anything that we find to eat to survive. Now it is revealed to you in a simple, easy Taoist approach.

ISBN: 978-616-7614-22-9
88 Pages
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