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Taoist Cosmic Psychic Organ Healing

Channeling Healing Christa's Channel Healing journey started at an early age in the countrysides of Austria. As a child she saw and connected with forest fairies, elements and gnomes very easily and enjoyed her child fantasy world. Then she entered institutional schooling with no time to go back to the forest world. Then along came marriage, family, business and travel into adulthood. As the years went by she still remembered the forest world and now that her husband and parents have passed away she became ill. Christa was searching for an answer to her illness that medical people could not solve and connected with Master Chia twenty-five years ago. She studied with Master Chia and the Universal Healing Tao System realigning and clearing her internal energy channels healed herself over the next five years.

With this gained confidence in her internal channels and healing experience she deepened and boarded her internal energy and channeling studies with many other energy healing techniques, as well as her studies as a psychic practitioner in natural medicine along with the Universal Healing Tao System techniques. As she boarded her understandings she emptied and cleared her channels completely becoming a Channeling Healer connecting with Universal Knowledge (The Tao) realigning and balancing students open to this experience. The procedures in this booklet will help you to improve the emotional imbalances in your organs and develop a better body structure. By doing this it will be easier to get yourself into higher frequency. The Universal Healing Tao System has a wide range of exercises for the body and to awaken in the student the deepest spiritual (energetic) potential. Learn these techniques for channeling into higher frequencies from the void (Wu Chi) using your body as an open channel to balance it through the Universal Healing Tao techniques revealed in this book guided by Master Chia.

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