Life Pulse Massage

Activating the Pulse of Life in the Body

Life Pulse Massage Pulse is Life. From the beginning of existence, our Original Pulse beats within the first cells, even before the heart and other organs are formed. The Pulse is the movement of our vital essence, carrying the oxygen, information, and nourishment necessary to clean, feed and protect all the functions of the body. Life Pulse Massage opens a new dimension of healing by liberating the flow of our vital essence of blood and Chi to improve, revitalize and balance cardiovascular functions, optimizing overall health in our organs and body.

Life Pulse Massage: Activating the Pulse of Life in the Body

In this booklet Life Pulse Massage is presented as an advanced branch of traditional Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, an ancient Taoist technique where stagnation is removed from the vital organs surrounding the navel center which is detoxified and rejuvenated. The "master pulses" of the navel and aorta centers are then synchronized with the 52 pulses of the whole body for optimum circulation and balance.

Master Chia reveals a global body treatment that releases arterial tension to rebalance high or low blood pressure, working to "flush out" toxins, open restricted blood vessels, and increase blood and Chi flow through the entire vascular system and organs. Life Pulse Healing restores and harmonizes an optimum cardiovascular circulation, for better vital health.

ISBN: 0-935621-38-5
51 Pages
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