CranioSacral Chi Kung

Connecting with the Cosmic Flow

Intuitively, we understand that being "in the Flow" is beneficial, but finding that Flow can be challenging. Western medicine acknowledges the link between good health and good circulation through the body's pumping systems, but it does not suggest many ways to improve those flows. The Flow is an essential element of Taoism; Chi Kung practices have focused on improving the Flow for thousands of years.

Taoism's emphasis on the harmonious Flow is relevant in today's world, not only for our health, but also for our relationships, career, and personal growth. By using Chi Kung to balance our Flow, we can become more healthy, connected, abundant, and energized. This innovative booklet offers insights and practical exercises for finding, generating, and sustaining the Flow in our daily lives. Cosmic Flow skillfully integrates East and West by combining the ancient philosophy and practices of Taoist Chi Kung with the modern perspectives and scientific findings of CranioSacral Work.

Cosmic Flow provides clear and detailed guidance for beginning Chi Kung students as well as a wealth of new information to deepen the understanding and practice of advanced students. Cosmic Flow will guide you in understanding each of the different pumping systems and easily balancing the Flow through each system. It will also assist you in experiencing the Flow inherent in Universal Healing Tao Chi Kung practices, tapping effortlessly into that power, and connecting deeply with the transcendent Primordial Flow. You will learn how to benefit from better physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual Flow.

ISBN: 978-616-7614-17-5
57 Pages
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