Chewing Chi Kung

Chew your Way to Health

Chewing Chi Kung is in this booklet for the first time ever. Master Chia reveals the concept, theory and art of chewing your foods and liquids from the understandings of the Universal Healing Tao practices. How one eats is as crucial as what one eats. Human beings need to be aware of why they eat in addition to grasping the principles of when to eat, how to change food into energy and what foods furnish the most therapeutic power. People need to know the kinds of foods to eat and how to eat in order to intelligently transform the physical body into the spirit body. In order to learn how to eat, correct breathing needs to take place while masticating. Breathing properly increases oxygenation of the blood. When the blood is oxygenated well, an individual transforms food better helping with absorption and utilizing the energy in a more effective manner. This booklet shows you the Eating and Hand Positions, Mealtimes are Quiet times, Plate Arrangement, Proper Eating Sequence, Chew Consciously, Number of Chews You Should Do, Rate You Should Chew, Advanced Chewing Techniques, Food and Water Quantity, Post Eating Practices, Step-by-Step Eating Process and Real Benefits from Chewing. These techniques are all a part of the Universal Healing Tao System for health and longevity.

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