Pi Gu Chi Kung

Eating the Cosmos with Energy Fasting

In this booklet Master Chia reveals the secret of Pi Gu which is an ancient Taoist form of energy fasting, practiced by adepts for thousands of years to increase their spiritual awareness. There are few references in Chinese written about Pi Gu literally meaning 'no grains'. Those that do hint at the necessity of 'inner work', but their only solution to this is to 'find a Taoist Master to teach you'.

Pi Gu Chi Kung: Eating the Cosmos with Energy Fasting

Now Mantak Chia, Taoist Master of Inner Alchemy, reveals how Pi Gu can work and the nature of the Inner Alchemy needed as an integral part of this practice. Using ancient Taoist techniques which are familiar to his many Universal Healing Tao System students throughout the world and described in his many books on Inner Alchemy and other Taoist practices, Mantak Chia discusses chi kung and the dietary application of Pi Gu and guides us through Inner Alchemy meditations.

Master Chia has been using Pi Gu during his famous Darkroom Retreats in his home retreat center Tao Garden, in the southeast foothills of the Himalaya Mountains near Chiang Mai, Thailand. The spa side of Tao Garden runs Pi Gu classes for nutritionists and dieticians and Master Chia teaches Pi Gu workshops during his world teaching tours.

ISBN: 0-935621-51-2
62 Pages
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