Awaken Healing Light

Awaken Healing Light 3 disc set

Awaken Healing Light gives you full detailed instructions on the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, which is the foundation of all higher Taoist meditations and practices.

By following the short guided meditations on these DVDs you will learn to experience the circulation of the healing light (your life force energy or "Chi") up your spine and down the front of your body. As you orbit the healing light through these two major energy channels, you will begin enjoying vital health, a balanced emotional life and feeling of connection with everything around you.

Part 1 includes the theory of energy circulation, identifies the energy centers, and guides you through the basic Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

Part 2 shows the nature of Earth energy and Cosmic energy and how to access these energies. It also teaches the blending of love and sexual energy, and guides you through clearing the front channel of your Microcosmic Orbit.

Part 3 shows how to access the energy of the stars and planets and guides you through clearing your back channel and opening the full energy circulation of the Microcosmic Orbit.

Awaken Healing Light takes you right into the classroom with Master Mantak Chia at his annual summer and winter retreats at Tao Garden. You will follow the same step by step instruction that his students at the retreat receive. This DVD set combines rich detail and clear organization to give you a truly complete experience of Master Chia's teachings.

Running Time — 3 hours 16 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introductions
  2. Theory and Energy Center (16:49)
  3. Original Force Energy (03:30)
  4. Activating The Sexual Energy (05:09)
  5. Pointers for Meditation (03:33)
  6. Warm-up Exercise (08:57)
  7. Stage 1: Warming the Stove (33:33)
  8. Volume 2 Introduction (06:26)
  9. Stage 2: Opening the Heart and Connecting Love With Sexual Energy (24:45)
  10. Stage 3: Connecting with Mother Earth Energy (09:25)
  11. Stage 4: Connecting with Higher Self Cosmic Energy (18:05)
  12. Volume 3 Introduction (18:25)
  13. Stage 5: Clearing the Functional Channel and Connecting the Three Tan Tien (16:52)
  14. Stage 6: Clearing the Governor Channel and Connecting to the Heavenly Chi (04:31)
  15. Stage 7: Connecting the Crown and Mid-Eyebrow and Joining the Two Channels (20:25)
  16. Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort
  17. Tao Products

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