Iron Shirt II
Tendon Nei Kung

Paris, France 2010

Iron Shirt II (Tendon Nei Kung) in Paris, 2010 DVD Cover

In the Iron Shirt II practices we learn how to root ourselves in the earth's power and thus to direct the earth's gravitational and healing power through our bone structure. Iron Shirt's strengthening of the organs is of special interest to athletes and performers, for it teaches them how to increase the performance of the organs during sports, speech, singing, dancing and playing music. For the Taoist masters, all this in turn lays the groundwork for higher, spiritual work.

Runtime: 1 hour 59 mins

Part I

  1. Warm-Up Exercises (17:08)
  2. Perineum Power (03:16)
  3. Tendon Strengthening (10:25)
  4. Hitting Tendons to Protect the Organs (12:23)
  5. Bone Stucture (11:06)
  6. Meditation Practice (06:02)

Part II

  1. Standing Position (08:41)
  2. Tendon Power Form (17:30)
  3. Standing Tendon Practice (08:51)
  4. Sitting Tendon Exercise (23:12)


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