Cosmic Healing I

World Link and Chi Water

World Link and Chi (Sacred) Water Practice is training in expanding our mind and Chi to the universe. By learning to relax, smile and let go, we can expand ourselves into the universe, the empty space, extending out a Chi pattern, so it can grow, multiply and be absorbed back for our use. These are for cleaning and strengthening the cells. Cells must be clean and strong to heal.

You will learn the practices of:

  • Link between the earth & the universe
  • Empty the sick energy into the earth and filling with healing energy
  • Using Color Chi for Healing
  • Working with the Universal Chi
  • The description of each Healing Color Chi
  • Activate the immune system

Running Time  2 hours 46 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introduction (02:42)
  2. Procedure of the Healing Practice (13:06)
  3. Cosmic Healing I Theory (20:27)
  4. World Link Meditation (14:43)
  5. Chi Water and Sacred Water (24:23)
  6. Cosmic Earth Energy (13:25)
  7. Fill and Empty: Let Go and Ground Sick Energies to the Earth (36:06)
  8. Cleaning and Cleansing Color (14:59)
  9. Immune Defense System (05:27)
  10. Cells (20:37)
  11. Tao Garden

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