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Master Mantak Chia

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DL-PC01 Inner Alchemy
The "Inner Alchemy of the Tao" portrayed in a diagram.
DL-PC02 Tao Garden Overview
An aerial view of Tao Garden in Doi Saket, Thailand, home of Master Mantak Chia and location for tao study and practice.
DL-PC03 Meditation Hall
The meditation hall at Tao Garden in Doi Saket, Thailand, overlooking a quiet and scenic lake.
DL-PC04 Immortals - Tao Garden Postcards of set
A one of a kind collection of the Taoist Immortals fine art prints and other Immoralists art.
DL-PC05 Chang Kuo Lao
The mountain hermit Immortal, Chang Kuo Lao, comes from the north and planet, mercury on a spirit horse carrying a feather with elements of water, winter and greater yin.
DL-PC06 Chaun Chung-Li
The army general Immortal, Chaun Chung Li, comes from the east and planet, jupiter on a chimera carrying a feather fan with elements of wood, early spring and great yang.
DL-PC07 Han Hsien-Ku
The mountain sage Immortal, Han Hsieu Ku, comes from the southeast and planet, pluto on a buffalo carrying a magic flute with elements of air, late spring and great yin.
DL-PC08 Ho Hsien-Ku
The female ascetic Immortal, Ho Hsien Ku, comes from the southwest and planet, saturn on a deer carrying a Lotus Blossom with elements of earth, late summer and greatest yin.
DL-PC09 Lan Tsai-Ho
The carnival minstrel Immortal, Lan Tsai Ho, comes from the northwest and planet, neptune on an elephant carrying flowers with elements of ether, late fall and greatest yang.
DL-PC10 Li Tich-Kuai
The lame beggar Immortal, Li Tich Kuai, comes from the south and planet, mars on a chimera carrying a crutch with elements of fire, summer and greater yang.
DL-PC11 Lu Tung-Pin
The wise sage Immortal, Lu Tung Pin, comes from the west and planet, venus on a tiger carrying a sword with elements of metal, early winter and lesser yin.
DL-PC12 Quan Yin
The Goddess of mercy and compassion, Immortal Kuan Yin, the archetype of unconditional love, evokes in us complete unselfish love and service. Her shrine is beloved and revered in Taoist temples and chinese households all over the world.
DL-PC13 Tsao Kuo-Chiu
The mountain hermit Immortal, Tsao Kuo Chiu, comes from the northeast and planet, uranus on a spirit horse carrying castanets with elements of earth, early fall and lesser yang.


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