Universal Tao Sites:
  Universal Tao Main web site of Master Mantak Chia and the Universal Tao
  Tao Gardens Web site of Tao Garden, a Health Resort and Taoist Training Center in Thailand
  Universal Tao E-Products Store Online sales of Universal Tao E-Products 
  Wu Chi Foundation Cultivating a Sacred Meditation Mountain Retreat area for teaching, training and practicing so individuals can become an Immortal in Body, Mind and Spirit using the Universal Healing Tao practice
Taoist Sites:
  Daoist Alchemy Daoist alchemy is a resource site that explains Daoist alchemical practices and philosophies. It also contains an animated tutorial of Chen style Taijiquan, and provides access to Daoist alchemical and philosophical texts.
  Healing Tao Britain Healing Tao Britain.
  Jade Goddess Dedicated to the education and empowerment of sexual energy as our most potent and creative life force.
  Mr Sage's Philosophical Taoist Website This website's intent is to give a more scientific, astro-physics, philosophical, as well as traditional esoteric view on Taoism.
  My-Chi Music My-Chi Music http: provides you a quick and easy way to achieve complete physical, mental and spiritual balance. Experience immediate results with our unique healing rhythms, a sound therapy system known as "U-Tao-Chi". (pronounced oo-dow-CHEE)
  Netweed Dancing Tao
  Netweed Taoist Links
  Path Taoist websites and related links
  Path to Tao Site presents a new edition of Tao Te Ching, blessed personally by its Author Lao Tse, and stories of Immortal Masters of Taoism telling about Tao and the Path to It.
  Spirit Walk Spiritual traditions
  Tao Te Ching Free, Inspiring 14-Day Tao Te Ching Email Mini Course, Sign up now for a Free, Cosmic Understanding of Taoism...
  The Tao Taoist information site
  Taoism Directory A directory of all aspects of Taoism with link to sites.
  Link Partners:  
  Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Health-Info Chinese medicine & Acupuncture (TCM) information for students, practitioners, and patients. Complete with pictures and information on over 300 Chinese herbs & formulas, Tuina massage, disease treatment, diet, and much more.
  Ancient Wisdoms We carry a great selection of natural bath & aromatherapy products, herbs & herbal products, oils, incense, fine crafts, candles, books & much more.
  Antioxidant Alternative Antioxidant Medicine and Proactive Treatments Free Shipping and Relaxation Report. Natural antioxidant supplements and herbal probiotic treatments for weight loss, allergy relief, immune system, diet, prostate cancer, insomnia, heart disease, anxiety, depression, menopause, migraine, etc.
  Blue Sky Feng Shui A variety of Feng Shui products such as Buddha, Quan Yin, The Dragon, Chinese Coins, Feng Shui Crystal, Ba Gua Mirrors, Temple Lions, Money Frogs, and much more.....
  China Feng Shui Sources Wholesale over 500 items of Feng Shui Products, like bagua mirror, Buddha, ching coin, crystal, wind chime and fortune bell, lucky bamboo, dragon, money frog, tortoise, fu dog, elephant, mystic knot, kwan kung, kwan yin and more other folk crafts from China directly.
  The Cultural Creative Web Directory An open web directory index of cultural creative resources on the Net.
  Feng Shui Products at Force of Wind, Flow of Water A Feng Shui store featuring Feng Shui products such as Buddha, Quan Yin, Dragons, Chinese Coins and more. Increase the flow of positive energy in your life today!
  FourGates Create a sacred space by choosing from a variety of meditation supplies, yoga equipment, gardening products, back jacks, meditation cushions, seiza benches, malas, katas, prayer wheels, saunas and natural health resources we offer.
  Healing Hands - Premier Holistic, Massage and Beauty Therapy Centre in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria The premier Holistic, Massage and Beauty Therapy centre providing all forms of complementary and alternative therapies, Massages and Beauty Treatments in Gran Canaria
  Healing Shamans Healing Shamans is a healing and teaching group in Bend, OR. We invoke the ancient practice of working with your body's energy field to heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically through use of drums and teachings.
  HealthE Goods HealthE Goods provides natural health products at competitive prices. Our selection of natural health products helps you obtain optimum health both physically and mentally.
  Marci Javril, Vital Energist Master bodyworker, tantra yoga educator, spiritual counselor, movement therapist - combines her 20+ yrs expertise in the healing arts to create transformational experiences for individuals, couples, groups of all sizes. Get her FR*EE monthly ezine: features spoken instructions for tantric touch.
  Metaphysical Paintings
By Julio Mateo. Abstract painting, printmaking and drawing galleries based on Sacred Geometry, nature and art's spiritual relationship to cosmic creation.
  Meta Religion Meta-religion site: religion, occultism, and science
  Mislinks Religions links page

Occult Advances

Spiritual Alchemy Mindworks, Rebuilding the Third Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem 2005-2008, Kabbalah and the Tree of Life Symbol, The Language of the Lost City of Atlantis Continent, Elemental Magic and much more.

  Opening Doorways to Heal Change your energy, change your life with Spiritual Response Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, The Reconnection, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Raindrop Technique & Star Flower Essences!
  Personalized Chinese Arts and Crafts Offers custom Chinese arts and crafts, including Chinese symbol tattoo design, Chinese stamp carving, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paper cutting, and more...
  A Spiritual Oasis of FREE Inspirational Resources FREE Spiritual Resources For Your Inspiration Including Gifts, Articles, Meditations, e-Books, e-Zines, & More.
  Spiritual Response Therapy Experience profound healing through Spiritual Response Therapy! Discover the remarkable freedom from anxiety and stress. At last, higher quality of life and relationships, risk free!
  Spiritual Dove Self Realization & Egyptian Mystery School Initiations & Empowerments, Telepathic Alchemy, A Wide variety of Spiritual Healings, Clairvoyant Counseling. Spiritual Tools which are highly potent, yet simple to use.
  Sunrise Music A unique personalised guided relaxation cd. A meditation for daily life, the perfect stress management technique. Every cd is custom produced just for you at our studios in Surrey England.
  TaiChi-Qigong Health Centre Develop your mental and physical harmony with us.
  Thought in Action Resources for Spiritual Discovery, Appropriate Technologies and Ultimate Reality
  Taoism Greeting Cards, Ecards From Taoists believe in the formless, eternal Tao and embrace harmony, love and learning, as is taught by Nature. The symbol of Yin andYang symbolizes pairs of opposites, which are seen throughout the universe such as good, evil, light, dark etc. Reach out to your friends/dear ones with these warm ecards.
  Wisdom Magazine The Largest, Most Popular Free Monthly Holistic Publication in Northeastern United States. Wisdom is dedicated to opening people's hearts and minds to the philosophies, products and services of the new millennium. Web search engine
  Additional Links of Interest
  Ajarn Michael Expatriot educator and long time resident of Thailand.
  Free Greeting Cards, Free Ecards, Birthday Cards, Friendship Greetings, Love, Egreetings from Send these Free Love Greetings, Birthday Ecards, Friendship Ecards, Flowers & Gift Cards , Wedding, lovely ecards to your near and dear ones. All cards are free of cost
  Siamese Style Homemade Thai silk and denim clothing - including Thai farmers' shirts.


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