Sun and Moon Signs
Theory and Concept

Almost everyone knows something about his or her astrological Sun Sign. But what they know is often incomplete or misleading. Because of the distortions and generalizations common to Sun-sign astrology, people frequently feel strangers to their own signs. They may strongly identify with some of their birth-sign characteristics, but feel that something is missing. This analysis combines the personal messages of your Sun and Moon Signs for a complete astrological portrait of your emotional nature, hidden drives, and richest potentials. It has been said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Today people who have picked up only a smattering of astrological knowledge at cocktail parties can say with confidence that Scorpios are sex fiends, Librans are lazy, Taureans are money crazy, Aquarians are crazy, and Virgos lose their virginity somewhere around middle age. Although the above common fallacies are humorous, they are for the most part distortions and exaggerations of astrological truth. The practitioners of popular astrology are often to blame for the very misunderstandings they try so hard to avoid. Everyone knows his birth sign (or Sun Sign) and knows something about his birth sign. Scorpios have read time and again about how “intense” they are. Taureans are tired of the sensual, stubborn, and comfort-loving routine. Virgos are fed up with words like fussy, conservative, and frugal. Cancers are becoming defensive about being labeled “defensive.” And poor Geminis are no longer sure who they are. Because of the distortions and generalizations common to Sun-sign astrology, it’s no wonder that people so often feel strangers to their own signs. Most Librans will identify with the need for harmony and tranquility, as most Capricorns will identify with the need to prove themselves to the world. But what about the characteristics of your sign that you do not agree with? The characteristics that just don’t fit. For example, many Virgos spend money without a care in the world, many Sagittarians are” practical and down-to-earth, many Scorpios are not controlled by their libidos, and even a few Aquarians are neither revolutionaries, nor eccentrics. It is obvious that your Sun Sign does not fully convey the complexities of your personality. Something is missing. What is missing is the Moon Sign.

The Moon Sign is simply the sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth. The Sun changes signs once each month. The Moon also change signs, but much faster than the Sun, taking only a couple of days to go through a sign. A sign is a change of postion in the universe. Your moon sign will be provided in your Cosmic Astorlogy report. In traditional astrology, the Moon represents the emotional facet of your personality. It is the underlying force that determines your hidden drives, desires, and motivations. It represents your deepest dreams and aspirations. The Sun Sign on the other hand represents your revealed drives and motivations. The Sun Sign is your ego. It is what you expect of yourself in terms of achievement and potential. It is also how you think of yourself and the way in which you deal with others. By combining the Sun and Moon Signs, a much more in-depth portrait of astrological identity emerges. If you are a Gemini, you will probably have many traits common to Geminis. You may be talkative, high-strung, and mobile. Others may find you somewhat inconsistent and quick-changing. You will probably pursue an active life, and your quest will be geared towards the pursuit of variety and excitement. If, however, you are a Gemini with the Moon in Taurus, or a Gemini-Taurus, you will have an underlying emotional stability and thus will appear much more consistent than your fellow Geminis. You will also be a lot more stubborn and you will hold on to impressions and beliefs with fixed intensity. In addition, your life-long quest will be geared towards the pursuit of luxury, comfort, and material security rather than constant novelty and excitement. Let us take an actual example. Former President Jimmy Carter is a Libra with the Moon in Scorpio. His Libran nature is very evident in his style, mannerisms, and tactics. We know that Librans are concerned with establishing peace, harmony, and happiness for those around them. Jimmy Carter’s campaign rhetoric, true to his Libran nature, was filled with references to love, the politics of joy, and the importance of bringing the country together again. His appeal was populist, also very Libran. Librans are fond of partnership and cooperation. They generally do not make decisions without first consulting others. In Carter’s inaugural address, he stressed the limitations of power, the need to have an open administration, and the vital importance of partnership and cooperation. Librans favor compromise over combat. True to form, Carter is in favor of compromise, avoiding extremes and walking the middle path. Librans are also known for their vanity and perhaps this is why Carter is so concerned with the image he presents to the world. But what about the other side of Jimmy Carter? The side that is not so apparent. The side that is represented by his Scorpio Moon. Scorpios are very much the opposite of Librans. They are confident, bold, ambitious, stubborn, and decisive. Carter’s intense ambition and self-confidence attests to this Scorpio facet. He has at times proven himself to be very decisive and unafraid of initiating bold actions, all very Scorpion attributes. Many have observed an underlying self-righteousness and egotism in Carter that may bring about tyrannical behavior (especially in times of crisis). In Carter’s Sun-Moon combinations, we see an apparent disparity or contradiction between the two sides of his nature. On one hand, we have the peace-loving Libran and, on the other hand, the aggressive Scorpio. Although his Sun-sign nature (Libra) seems to be at odds with his Moon-sign, or emotional, nature (Scorpio), both actually work in harmony. His Libran nature balances his Scorpio nature, so the portrait of a leader emerges: one who is decisive, yet willing to compromise; one who is intensely shrewd and ambitious, yet considerate and compassionate towards others. Judging President Carter by his Sun Sign alone is insufficient. By adding his Moon Sign, a much more accurate appraisal of his personality emerges. In another example, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is a Leo with the Moon in Aries, or a Leo-Aries. Both signs of her combination are fire signs, and the two work together harmoniously. Her Leo nature gives her a regal, queen-like bearing and a desire to be in the spotlight. Her Ariens inner nature is impulsive, ardent, and adventuresome. Both signs are egotistical and self-centered. When we combine the two, we can understand why her attitude towards others is somewhat condescending and aristocratic. For Ms. Onassis, the self always comes first. Her Sun-Moon combination, being harmonious, would also indicate good health, high intelligence, courage, and strong creative drives. In another example, Mahatma Gandhi was a Libra with the Moon in Leo. His Libran nature gave him a peace- loving outlook, amazing diplomatic skills, and the charm necessary to win the hearts of millions. His Leo emotional nature gave him the courage and determination to put his lofty ideals into practice.

These are just a few examples of how the Sun-Moon combination gives a more complete portrait of character. No combination can be labeled good or bad, strong or weak. It is clear that, in each, there are potential strengths and talents, as well as potential weaknesses and limitations. But it is important to remember that these are only potentials, and it is ultimately our responsibility as individuals to recognize and develop our unique talents and skills, and to apply them in a positive, creative, and self-affirmative manner. Your Sun-Moon combination is only part of the story. Your individual persona has other factors that can significantly modify your Sun-Moon combination. This is just another look or angle to discover your persona and the personas of others. The important thing to remember is that the Sun-Moon combination forms the core of your personality; your ego and your emotional nature. Other factors that go into shaping your persona include your Chinese animal, birth card, childhood environment, cultural background, and education. The Sun-Moon combinations that follow are based upon the traditional astrological method of combining or synthesizing the most important elements of an individual’s chart. They are drawn from insights gained from astrologer Jefferson Anderson’s experience, and observation of many different individuals. Astrology never denies the power of free will or the ability to change. By recognizing and identifying our strengths and weaknesses, we are better able to deal with them. But we cannot begin to solve the riddle of our personalities or deal with our problems until we first understand them. This report gives the individual a chance to travel the road to self-discovery independently. Through western astrology we can learn about our strengths and our weaknesses and, from the foundation of true self-knowledge. we can become confident individuals, ready to embark on other paths towards full self-improvement and self-realization. In short, to know thyself.

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