Cosmic Astrology
Report Generation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Cosmic Astrology report. We think you will find this multi-faceted report provides more insight in your persona than anything else available today.
To generate your report, please visit this URL:


Once there, you will see a form which requires entry of the following data items:

  1. Your shopping cart username (i.e., the email address you used to set up your account with the shopping cart).
  2. Your shopping cart password.
  3. The order ID of your online order for the Cosmic Astrology report. This ID was sent to you as part of the order confirmation email. If you do not have that email, please visit, log in to your account, and then select the “View My Order History” action. There you can select the appropriate order, and the order display will include the order number.

When your login to the report generation page has been accepted, you will see a form with 5 entries. If you ordered more than one report, there will be a set of 5 entries for each report you ordered. The five entries are:

  1. Your date of birth. Be sure to enter this in the format indicated (YYYY-MM-DD). The date of birth is a required entry.
  2. An optional name. This name will appear in the generated report.
  3. 3 optional celebrity names. For each name you choose, you will receive a Cosmic Astrology report for that name.

Once you have generated a report, you may return to the generation form and enter/select any optional entries that were omitted from your previous entries. Please note, however, that once you generate a report for a birth date or celebrity, that choice of birth date or celebrity will be fixed for all future report generations.

The complete report will be sent to your email address/shopping cart username. If you ordered multiple reports, each report will be sent in a separate email; a single report is about 250Kb – 300Kb in size.

Thank you again for your purchase. As always, you may contact us if you are having any problems.

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