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Bone Marrow Nei Kung (Iron Shirt III)- Practice Guided Audio I [DL-TA17]

This audio is a Guided Meditation and Chi Kung Practice Formulas of the Bone Marrow Nei Kung Male Practices of the Universal Healing Tao practices for both men and women, led by the meditative voice of UHT Senior Instructor, The Professor - William U. Wei.

Four Sections are included:
Bone Breathing and Compression
Chi Weight Lifting
Male Sexual Chi Massage Wire Rod
Hitting Upper Body Head down through Feet

Bone Marrow Nei Kung (Iron Shirt III) - Practice Guided Audio

Theory: When you die all that remains after 2,000 years are your bones. Your bones are crystals and they are the strongest part of your body. What grows and strengthens your bones is your bone marrow and your bone marrow grows your blood that feeds every cell of the body. Therefore for your health you need to activate your bone marrow to grow and support your bones and blood for your longevity.

Concept: Through the Bone Marrow Nei Kung practices you can stimulate the bone marrow by hitting your bones (Wire and Rattan Hitting Techniques), breathing into your bones (Bone Breathing and Compression Techniques) and genital massage and lifting (Sexual Chi Massage and Chi Weight Lifting Techniques) to expand, strengthen and grow your bone marrow. These ancient mental and physical Taoist techniques are used to re-grow bone marrow, strengthen the bones, and rejuvenate the organs and glands.

Purpose: Bone Marrow Nei Kung is Iron Shirt Chi Kung III, which builds your bone marrow, giving you the third stage for your Iron Shirt Body. This method of absorbing energy into the bones revives the bone marrow and reverses the effects of aging through the techniques of bone breathing, bone compression, and sexual energy massage, which stimulates the hormonal production that helps prevent osteoporosis. These practices are for health and longevity and by doing all of the Universal Healing Tao System you can build your own Immortal Light Body.

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