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Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels (Fusion III)- Practice Guided Audio [DL-TA13]

This audio is a Guided Meditation and Chi Kung Practice Formulas of the Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels (Fusion III) Practices of the Universal Healing Tao practices for both men and women, led by the meditative voice of UHT Senior Instructor, The Professor - William U. Wei.

Eight Sections are included:
Bridge & Regulatory Channels
Spinal Cord Cutting
Spinal Cord Microcosmic
Mid-Eyebrow Aura Cutting
Crown Drilling
Five Sense Cutting & Sealing
Heart Center Cutting (Butterfly Motion)
Aura Sealing

Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels (Fusion III) - Practice Guided Audio

Theory: This is the final section of the Fusion Practice (Fusion III) with Eight Basic formulas (Great Regulator & Bridge Channels, Spinal Cord Cutting, Spinal Cord Microcosmic, Mid-Eyebrow Aura Cutting, Crown Drilling, Five Sense Cutting & Sealing, Heart Center Cutting (Butterfly Motion) and Aura Sealing) and Advanced Fusion III moving all the Basic Fusion Formulas into the Energy and Spirit Bodies. This is a continuation of opening the channels from Fusion II into the Eight Psychic Channels of Fusion III. By opening the Eight Physic Channels your energy will flow effortlessly through the body for balancing, healing and cultivating your internal energy.

Concept: The Eight Psychic Channels start opening up the meridians lines of the body with Yang & Yin Sides of the Regulator and Bridge Channels then opening up the spine front to back, up & down and right to left with Spinal Cord Cutting, Microcosmic and Aura formulas. Once these formulas are completed you move to open up the Crown, Five Senses & Heart with drilling and cutting techniques then sealing any energy leaks and protecting the body with the Final Fusion Formula, Sealing the Aura.

Purpose: With the final Fusion formulas you are completing the Fusion practice building the Compost Machine and Pearl with excess Climate, Sense & Negative Emotional Energy (Fusion I) then running the Pearl through the Functional, Governing, Creative, Thrusting and Belt Channels (Fusion II) and finally through the Eight Physic Channels (Fusion III) and Advanced Fusion (I, II, III) into the Energy and Spirit Bodies. Through transforming your internal energy and clearing and opening your channels you are starting to create your energetic Spaceship for your journey into the Unknown beyond the North Star.

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