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Cosmic Fusion (Fusion II) - Practice Guided Audio [DL-TA12]

This audio is a Guided Meditation and Chi Kung Practice Formulas of the Cosmic Fusion (Fusion II) Practices of the Universal Healing Tao practices for both men and women, led by the meditative voice of UHT Senior Instructor, The Professor - William U. Wei.

Three Sections are included:
Creative Channel (Creating the Compassionate Golden Energy of Gentleness (Blue), Kindness (Green), Joy (Red), Fairness (Yellow) and Courage (White)
Thrusting Channels (Left, Center & Right)
Belt Channels (Connecting Heaven & Earth)

Cosmic Fusion (Fusion II) - Practice Guided Audio

Theory: After setting up the Energetic Composting Machine and building the Pearl in Fusion I you need to open up channels of the body with Cosmic Fusion (Fusion II) to balance and heal the body. Through the transformation of the internal climate, excess sense energy and negative emotions you need to build the Positive Compassionate Golden Energy (Gentleness/Blue, Kindness/Green, Joy/Red, Fairness/Yellow and Courage/White) and send it through the body by opening up the Creative Cycle (Channel), Thrusting Channels (Left, Center & Right) and Belt Channels (Connecting Heaven & Earth), which are the Basic Fusion II formulas.

Concept: Through the Advanced Fusion II meditative practices you move the Compassion Pill through the Functional, Governing, Creative, Thrusting and Belt Channels of the Energy and Spirit Bodies extending from the Physical Body (As Below as Above) and adding the Protective Animals and Planets around them.

Purpose: Through the techniques of Fusion II you are opening your body to the Universal Forces of the Earth (Mother-Blue Energy), Heaven (Father-Violet/Red Energy) and Atmospheric Level (Human-Cosmic/Golden Energy). The Cosmic Fusion practice builds on the foundation Inner Alchemy (Changing One Substance into Another) established in Fusion I nurturing the vital organs with the Golden Compassionate heart throughout the Three Bodies (Physical, Energy and Spirit).

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