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Healing Love II - Female Practices Guided Audio [DL-TA08]

This audio is a Guided Meditation and Chi Kung Practice Formulas of the Healing Love II Female Practices of the Universal Healing Tao practices for both men and women, led by the meditative voice of UHT Senior Instructor, The Professor - William U. Wei.

Four Sections are included:
Egg Exercise (Exercising the Vagina Canal for Urination and Sexual Fluid Control)
Orgasmic Big Draw
Total Body Orgasm
Valley Orgasm (Shallow & Thrusting Techniques)

Healing Love II - Female Practices Guided Audio

Theory: Chicken soup is the theory. What is chicken soup? You take a chicken and put it in a pot of water and boil it for two hours; then take the chicken out. Which would you rather eat the chicken or the broth? The broth is what you would eat because the broth has all the essence of the chicken in it tasting like the chicken and chicken would taste like rubber. Try it. The chicken is your genitals and you cook them with the Healing Love practices and draw their essence (broth) out of them up your spine into your brain for a Total Body Orgasm because the brain is connected to all the parts of your body. You lose none of your sexual fluids (Semen and Hormones), which you need daily to create every cell of the body, and you will have a Total Body Orgasm instead of a genital orgasm (outside the body in men). These same formulas apply to women for the loss of sexual fluids during their menstrual cycle.

Concept: You have the ability to completely experience your sexual energy and take it to new highs without losing any of your vital creative energy. You achieve this by cultivating it through the Universal Healing Tao Healing Love practices to heal yourself and your loved one. Through these practices you will learn and experience the ability to manage your sexual energy instead of it controlling you.

Purpose: In Single Cultivation as you slow down the sexual energy through the practices of Testicle and Ovarian Breathing, Scrotal and Ovarian Compression, Power Lock (Million Dollar Point Technique for male reverse ejaculation) and the Egg Exercise (Exercising the Vagina Canal for Urination and Sexual Fluid Control) you will discover how to manage your sexual energy. In Dual Cultivation you start to understand through the practices of the Orgasmic Big Draw, Total Body Orgasm and the Valley Orgasm (Shallow and Thrusting Techniques). You will learn how to work together with your partner to heal yourselves and flow together in a harmonious, monogamous, long lasting relationship.

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