Sexual Reflexology

Sexual Healing Posture Remedies

This poster illustrates 23 positions of sexual reflexology. Each posture is a remedy for specific problems or ailments. This poster so includes illustrations of the genital reflexology zones and the interaction of the zones.

Through the Reflexology Points on the body you can activate your Sexual Energy for the women by massaging the Breasts and Ovarian Areas; the men massage the Lower Tan Tien and the Testicles. The orgasmic energy is activated in the Non-Arousal State, which you can utilize easier than in the aroused state to manage and cultivate your Sexual Energy to heal your body.

In Single Cultivation Sexual Palace Warm Ups women can lessen their menstrual discharge, the length of their cycle and the frequency of their menstrual cycle from once a month to once a year. For the men they can activate their Un-Aroused Orgasmic Energy and move this slower Sexual Energy up their spine so they manage easier.

The Sexual Warm Ups get the students in touch literally with their Sexual Energy; in the first step they draw it up into the spine and the crown and start the whole progress of cultivating their Sexual Energy for a practical and enjoyable way of managing it. As the Taoists say, keep your gun loaded but the powder dry, which means manage the Sexual Energy so you do not lose this Vital Creative Energy (Fluids) and yet still enjoy the complete sexual experience.

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