Karsai Nei Tsang  

Cosmic Healing: Chi Knife and Cleanshing Organs

You will learn techniques for massaging all of the sexual organs. Our sexual organs play a major role in our physical and emotional health. Because every part of the body is connected, tensions in one area have an effect on the rest of the body. This is true for the genitals. When the genitals suffer from blockages, the Jing Chi (Sexual Chi) is not free to circulate through the body. The body is then deprived of this powerful healing energy.

The Karsai Nei Tsang practitioner uses deep, direct pressure with small circular massage movements to break up and dissolve the sedimentation in the circulatory system, release the toxicity and remove the physical and emotional blockages in the pelvic area.

Genital Health Massage addresses the common problems associated with our sexual organs: impotency, infrequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful intercourse and low sexual libido. It is also effective in alleviating back pain, improving the body alignment, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and increasing general vitality.

Running Time: 2 hours 9 minutes

  1. Tao Garden
  2. Releasing the Aorta (18:33)
  3. Internal Illiac Artery (24:08)
  4. Technique Massage the Bone (20:35)
  5. Technique Oil Massage (8:47)
  6. Blood Supply to the Sexual Organs (6:30)
  7. Lymphatic Drainage Inguinal Area (4:48)
  8. The Psoas Gland Massage (10:37)
  9. Ovaries Uterus (Women) (8:15)
  10. Technical Massage Practice All Men (14:10)
  11. Technical Massage Practice All Women (5:26)

DL-DA35 (audio MP3 files only).
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11 MP3 files plus one MP3 playlist file, packaged in a single zip file.
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