Buddha Palm,
Empty Force Healing

Cosmic Healing I: buddha Palm, Hand technique

Cosmic Healing I is training in expanding our mind and Chi to the universe. By learning to relax, smile, and let go, we can expand ourselves into the universe, the empty space extending out a Chi pattern, so it can grow, multiply and be absorbed back for our use.

Cosmic Chi Kung consist of four sets of simple postures and movements for absorbing the life force energy of nature and the universe. By practicing this art you can learn to take color healing Chi from empty space into yourself or to direct it from the source straight to others for healing. Each of the four sections of Cosmic Chi Kung develops a different type of energy mastery. Each section begins and ends in the same way, yet has different movements in the middle part.

First Section: Connecting to Heaven and Earth
Second Section: Opening the Bridge & Regulator Channels & Extending Your Chi Outwards
Third Section: Opening and Energizing the Governor and Functional Channels
Fourth Section: Activating One Finger Art and the Chi Belt

Running Time   1 hour 26 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introductions
  2. Healing Hand Technique (09:28)
  3. Human Hand and Practice (40:46)
  4. Empty Force (08:59)
  5. Palm Finger Training (07:50)
  6. Holding the Chi Ball (08:25)
  7. Training Finger (05:42)
  8. Chi Belt (01:49)
  9. Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort
  10. Tao Products


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