Iron Shirt Chi Kung III

Revitalize Your Bone Marrow
2011 Version

Iron Shirt III, also known as Bone Marrow Nei Kung, is an internal practice of energizing the bones and bone marrow. This practice replenishes your blood, strengthens the immune system, and builds internal energy. In this third level of Iron Shirt Chi Kung you will learn to cleanse and purify the Chi life force energy in your bones, tendons, fascia and organs so that they resist aging and disease.

With these DVDs you will learn methods for leading the energy produced in your sexual organs into your bones and up to higher energy centers. You will also learn an extremely efficient method of vibrating your internal organs to shake toxic deposits. These methods are crucial to rejuvenating your body, which in turn rejuvenates your mind and spirit.

Running Time 3 hours 20 minutes.

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introduction (2:33)
  2. Part I - Theory (20:03)
  3. Warmup Exercise (20:04)
  4. Part II - Bone Breathing (24:30)
  5. Bone Breathing Practice (26:38)
  6. Part III - Sexual Energy (20:34)
  7. Overview of Hitting (17:26)
  8. Hitting with Packing in Detail (25:20)
  9. Six Healing Sounds (14:00)
  10. Meditation Preparation (19:21)
  11. Tao Garden Introduction (9:53)

DL-DA15 (audio MP3 files only) 2011 Version
Approximately 58 megabytes
11 MP3 files plus one MP3 playlist file, packaged in a single zip file.
Price: $34.95

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