Healing Love

Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation
2005 Version

Use your sexual energy to strengthen your body, deepen your spiritual awareness, and experience a new level of sensual pleasure. Healing Love presents Master Chia's complete teachings on cultivating sexual energy for health, spiritual development, and sexual and emotional fulfillment.

In this two DVD set, Master Chia guides you through the steps for conserving and transforming your generative force by circulating it from the sexual organs to the higher energy centers through the Microcosmic Orbit. Master Chia teaches you how to circulate the sexual energy without a partner in order to redirect the force back into your body for healing and spiritual development. He also teaches how to deepen your level of orgasm, and how to exchange this energy with a partner, for physical, emotional and spiritual balancing.

Running Time 2 hours 52 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introduction (2:42 Mins)
  2. Healing Love Theory (27:51 Mins)
  3. Review of Points (11:58 Mins)
  4. Explanation and Practice (3:28 Mins)
  5. Ovarian and Testicle Breathing (25:15 Mins)
  6. The Big Draw (1) (17:07 Mins)
  7. The Big Draw (2) (29:34 Mins)
  8. Scrotal and Ovarian Compression (5:05 Mins)
  9. Egg Exercises (15:41 Mins)
  10. Beyond Orgasm (19:07 Mins)
  11. Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort (5:58Mins)
  12. Universal Healing Tao Products (7:32 Mins)

DL-DA11 (audio MP3 files only) 2005 Version
Approximately 160 megabytes.
12 MP3 files plus one MP3 playlist file, packaged in a single zip file.
Price: $24.95

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