Cosmology of Taoist Immortality

Universal Healing Tao System

After over sixty years of study, practice and research of the Immortal Tao and Living Tao of the Universal Healing Tao practices Master Chia is excited to share his insights, discoveries and observations with his devoted students, instructors and Taoist practitioners in this booklet. Master Chia has taken a long journey discovering the Tao through his adolescence, young adulthood, marriage, fatherhood and retiring years to reveal these interesting, informative and intriguing nuances and subtleties of these Taoist practices evolving into the Universal Healing Tao System.

For his thousands of students and fellow Taoist practitioners Master Chia has dedicated this booklet giving them the fine points, emphasis, and correct focus of the Universal Healing Tao practices for their enjoyment, self-discovery and enlightenment.

This booklet reveals the concept, theory and purpose of the Tao. Why you should practice, how you should practice and when and where you should practice. Where the energy and intention of the Tao originates and where it is going. How you connect with the Tao and your purpose for being on the earth plane with your relationship with your Spirit (Life Force Body) and your Soul (Memory Body) from a Taoist perspective. Master Chia further explains each of the Four Healing Arts of Universal Healing Tao System and outlines a shortened simplified version of key practices to integrate in your daily life with a series of Supplementary Practices to compliment and expand the basic and advanced formulas. To assist Master Chia in organizing, editing and clarifying his thoughts and discoveries of these simplified Taoist concepts and practices revealed in this book, William U. Wei his student, friend, co-author, and dedicated practitioner of the Universal Healing Tao System over the last thirty years collaborates with him again.

ISBN: 978-616-7614-16-8
125 Pages
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