Eight Immortal Healers

Healing That Always Was & Always Will Be

The Eight Immortal Healers have always been in existence and always will be after all they are Immortal of course. Yet until recently they have laid hidden deep within the secrets of Ancient Taoist Oriental Wisdom. They have all served humbly as the greatest healers for healing process but never before have they been complied nor published until now.

In this booklet Master Chia is proud to share them with you for own self-healing. Each healer of the eight has a special force and unique power within themselves yet when used together they are a force to be reckoned with. According to Ancient Taoist texts the healers when used together can burn disease from the body, mind and spirit purifying each cell on the highest level of Cosmic Immortal Chi.

The booklet explains how the origins of how Oriental Medicine was formed and how this knowledge has been lost and why. It introduces you to these Cosmic Immortal Healers and how to implement them into your healing program and how they all fit together to form the great Cosmic Healing Paradigm.

ISBN: 978-616-92555-6-7
108 Pages
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