Cosmic Vision

Art of Improving Vision Naturally

This booklet contains the latest and most important vision improvement discoveries of the last twenty years. The Personal Eyesight Training System is thirty-nine years of research, practice and testing. You will find out the real eye health and healing secrets passed down from the Master Teachers; and how you can attain Perfect Eyesight without glasses or surgery.

You will discover the Inner Eye Secrets behind Egyptian "Black Dot" and "Letter Gazing" Techniques, improve distant vision with "Positive Lens" Glasses, special Easy-To-Do, No Routine, Natural Eye Exercises, Special Internal Chi Kung Exercises for the Eyes, Ayurvedic Analysis of Nutritional Body Types for the Eyes, Chinese Five Element Body Typing Vision System, Special Liver Cleansing Foods to strengthen Vision, Toxic Foods to avoid that destroy Vision and Health, 3 Extraordinary 10 minute Eye Improvement Techniques, Oriental Eye Pressure Points, Foot Tapping, Hara Massage, Healing Sounds that improve your Vision, Secret Black Globe Palming Exercise, Tibetan Peripheral Vision Technique, Nutrition, Herbs and Super Foods for Clear Vision.

"Eyesight is your Most Precious Possession." Dr. William H. Bates, M.D.

ISBN: 978-616-92555-3-6
71 Pages
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