Taoist Medicine Wheel

The Tao of the Shaman

Taoist Medicine Wheel Countless thousands of us in the West have reaped the benefit of ancient Taoist lore, from the Tao of Pooh to the secrets of acupuncture, the mystery of Yin and Yang and the rejuvenating practices of Master Mantak Chia. Now we can see how it all began, and how the Tao, the way and the light, began to illuminate, in the lives of those early pioneers of Taoist Shamanism, the art of stepping lightly in all worlds.

Taoist Medicine Wheel: The Tao of the Shaman

In this booklet nothing less than fascinating is this exploration of the shamanic origins of Taoist practice by Master Chia unraveling the webs of mystery clinging to our modern perception of ancient practice. Thoroughly researched, rich in history and with detailed maps, drawings and lucid explanations,

The Taoist Medicine Wheel casts new light on the I Ching, the Five Elements and the Three Pure Ones. The student will discover new insights comparing other shamanic traditions for a real insight into the common threads of the origins of human spiritual thought and the Taoist understandings.

ISBN: 978-616-92555-4-3
55 Pages
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