Prostate Chi Kung

Techniques and Exercises for Prostate Gland Cancer Prevention

In this booklet Master Chia has put together a simple, clear and hands on approach to preventing prostate gland cancer from his experiences, teachings and practices while rejuvenating your sexual vitality and longevity.

Prostate Chi Kung: Techniques and Exercises for Prostate Gland Cancer Prevention

Food and sex are humankind's greatest appetites and from a Taoist's perceptive they are also our greatest healing exercises if we have the proper understanding and concept of how use them to heal our bodies. Through the Universal Healing Tao System as demonstrated in the Inner Traditions' books from Sexual Reflexology (Prostate Gland Exercises), Bone Marrow Nei Kung (Genital Massage and Chi Weight Lifting), Cosmic Detox (Prostate Gland Massage) and Cosmic Nutrition (Prostate Gland Herbal Remedies and Prostate Gland Cancer Prevention Diet) we have assembled a sequence of Prostate Chi Kung daily practices that will balance and maintain a healing, functioning prostate gland for the ability to urinate properly while rejuvenating your sexual vitality.

Through the Prostate Chi Kung daily practices with a hands-on approach you will be able to break-up any energetic blockages, open-up the energetic pathways and maintain prostate gland functional ability into an advanced age (over a hundred) without surgery or loss of sexual energy or function.

ISBN: 978-616-7614-11-3
53 Pages
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