Cosmic Cleansing

Internal Cleansing through the Cosmos

This booklet brings the power of healing into your own hands. Although this booklet is primarily about physical healing, it will touch upon emotional, mental and spiritual healing as well. To the Taoists, the body, mind and spirit are an inseparable whole, each influencing the other like ripples through a pond.

Master Chia shows you how to transformation these three levels of your being, allowing you to let go of old patterns and past behaviors. The body going through life is like a river winding through a forest. As the river flows through at varying speeds and currents, branches and trees sometimes fall in which leads to blockages in the flow of the river, and eventually becomes a swamp. The only way to get the river flowing freely again is to clear the branches and obstacles out of its way.

Through the process of cleansing the openings of the body you will transform your life and become fluid and flowing like the effortless current of the river. In this booklet you will receive an understanding of the Tao, to cleanse the nine openings of the body giving you health, vitality, and longevity. This is the true realization of the Tao.

ISBN: 978-616-7614-10-6
54 Pages
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