Cosmic Nutrition

Taoist Understanding, Lifestyle and Longevity

In this booklet of Cosmic Nutrition the student will discover the Cosmic Dust Particles that give life to all living beings every morning at sunrise and evening at dusk (sunset). This star dust is the Life Force of the universe discovered by Antonie Bechamp (French Chemist) in 1866 as microzymas (living ferments) which further confirms the Taoist's understandings for the last five thousand years through the Creative and Controlling Cycles.

Taoist Lifestyle for Longevity: In the Cosmic Nutrition booklet Master Mantak Chia shares his Taoist understandings with the students of Yin and Yang Principles, Self Diagnosis, Physician Within, Acid and Alkaline Balance, Nature's Element and Five Elements Nutrition for health and longevity based on his fifty years of research, experience and joy of dining.

Four Bodies into One: The booklet shows the students how to heal and balance their physical bodies and their emotional, mental and spiritual bodies at the same time through Medicine Meals prepared and developed from Tao Garden's organic fruit and vegetable gardens and their Five Elements Kitchen at Kuan Yin Dining Hall.

ISBN: 978-616-92555-5-0
75 Pages
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