Magical Persona Astrology

Guide to Everyone's Internal Energy Persona

With the first breath you take in the energy pattern of the universe at that particular time and place. This is the alignment of stars, planets and constellations at that particular moment. As you breathe in your internal energy pattern is formed from energy vibrations radiating from the stars in their alignment and position in the Cosmos. This is the Five Element Theory of the Tao which applies to Chinese, Western and Birth Card astrology based on your first breath.

Magical Persona Astrology: Guide to Everyone's Internal Energy Persona

In this booklet Master Chia leaves nothing to chance giving five different angles to form your persona then you will have the correct idea of what you are and how you are perceived from five different perceptions. The Five Systems are the Chinese Twelve Animals, Western Zodiac Twelve Signs, Chinese Animal and Western Sign Combinations, Western Sun and Moon Sign Combinations and the Birth Personality and Destiny Cards.

ISBN: 978-616-76140-9-0
98 Pages
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