World Link Meditation

World Link Meditation DVD coverThis meditation practice enables practioners to link their energy field to that of other people or to the universe. This may be done for a variety of purposes to help others or to improve oneself. Whatever the goal, one must first get connected to oneself inside. By connecting our disconnected biotechnology inside, we can then link up with other people. We thereby achieve the desired results akin to how we can now connect around the world by cell phone or the Internet.

Master Mantak Chia explains the why and how of the practice and gives guided practice in this DVD. He explains the significance of our higher self, our upper and lower brains, our original spirit, the soul spirits in our body and our relationship to the earth, planets and higher forces. Underlying this is the neccesity to unify, to link, the diverse aspects of our inner being in order to expand our energy fields. We then link with the energy fields of the larger energy fields in the world around us. Ultimately, we are enabled to merge with the primordial chi, the universe and the Ultimate Creator.

Running Time: 1 hour 50 mins

  1. Universal Healing Tao System (02:33 mins)
  2. Theory Inner Alchemy (10:48 mins)
  3. Primordial Force (34:55 mins)
  4. Emotional Structure of the Spiril (30:45 mins)
  5. Link with other Porsonal Stars (14:43 mins)
  6. Meditation Practice (09:38 mins)
  7. Tao Garden Introduction (08:30 mins)

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(5 files, approx. 2.8 GB)

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