Cosmic Healing I:
General Healing Session

New in 2007

You will learn to draw upon specific colors of healing energy from nature and the universe. One learns not only how to heal oneself, another individual or a group of people in front of you, but also you can extend your healing power to people over great distances in remote locations using World Link Meditation. You will be guided in developing a general procedural healing pattern, and you will receive focused training for the component phases of your healing practice.

Chi (Sacred) Water Practice is training in expanding our mind and Chi to the universe. By learning to relax, smile and let go, we can expand ourselves into the universe, the empty space, extending out a Chi pattern, so it can grow, multiply and be absorbed back for our use. You will learn to connect with and use the healing power of the earth, as well as being able to create cleansing and healing sacred chi water. These are for cleaning and strengthening the cells. Cells must be clean and strong to heal.

Running Time 4 hours 20 mins

  1. Tao System (02:40 Mins)
  2. Procedure of Healing (15:37 Mins)
  3. Theory Cosmic Healing (52:20 Mins)
  4. World Link Meditation (06:32 Mins)
  5. Sacred of Chi Fire (08:44 Mins)
  6. Sacred Water (32:37 Mins)
  7. Fill & Empty (25:59 Mins)
  8. Cleaning & Cleasing (30:31 Mins)
  9. Charge with Violet Light (32:04 Mins)
  10. Defense & Immune System (25:12 Mins)
  11. Tao Garden Introduction (07:00 Mins)
  12. Universal Healing Tao Products (07:30 Mins)

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