CH I: Chi Knife Almighty Knife & Healing Color

New in 2007

Cosmic Healing is a powerful healing technique that uses the abundant chi in the Universe to clean energy blockages throughout the body and energize the weak and depleted organs, helping the body to reestablish its own harmony. Chi is everywhere and surrounds everything. With the correct guidance, practice and intention, anyone can learn how to direct this limitless source of energy to purify, energize and heal.

This DVD set is divided in three parts. In the first part, Master Chia explains the basis of Cosmic Healing and the usage of colors in Cosmic Healing sessions. The second part presents a detailed explanation of the Chi Knife, a very simple and powerful technique that removes energy blockages, thus helping the body to overcome infections, cysts, tumors and improve the proper activity of all organs.

The last part of the DVD demonstrates the techniques for cleaning and energizing each of the major organs of the human body, applications for common illnesses and energetic diagnosis through the aura. All the techniques presented here are safe, simple and natural. Learn how to open your centers and become aware of the powerful healing forces that surround us all.

Running Time 2 hours 49 minutes.

  1. Tao System (02:00 Mins)
  2. Chi Knife (50:42 Mins)
  3. The Healing Colors (11:42 Mins)
  4. Cleansing the Internal Organs Technique (30:57 Mins)
  5. Healing Some Common Ailments (20:26 Mins)
  6. Infection & Inflammation (40:00 Mins)
  7. Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort (07:00 Mins)
  8. Universal Healing Tao Products (07:30 Mins)

Zipped files for 3 DVDs
(13 files, approx. 8.1 GB)

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