Tao Internal
Detox System

Balancing Emotional and Tonifying Organs

Cosmic Healing: Chi Knife and Cleanshing Organs

In this DVD, Mantak Chia shares with you how to use Chi Nei Tsang to release sick energy. Massage alone can't help all sickness in the body. The technique combines Cosmic Healing, Cosmic Inner Smile, Meditations, and Self-Massage together with the Chi machine. Exercises such as Six Healing Sounds and abdominal breathing prevent overheating and help balance the internal system. Internal Detox starts by finding reflex points in your body, then you can clear out the toxins and negative emotional from each organ in your abdominal. You will learn what the reflex points can work or not work in this DVD.

Running Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

  1. Tao Garden (06:54)
  2. Detox 1 (49:12)
  3. Detox 2 (29:12)

Zipped files for 1 DVD
(5 files, approx. 3.3 GB)

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