Fusion of the
Five Elements II

Cultivate Healing Emotions
(2006 Version)

Fusion of the Five Elements II

Feelings of love, kindness, gentleness and courage can be consciously cultivated in your body. Cultivate Healing Emotions presents the complete teaching of the Taoist meditation known as the Fusion of Five Elements II. On this two DVD set, Master Mantak Chia will present the theory' of the Fusion II meditation as well as an explanation of the practice. Then he will guide you through the Five Formulas that multiply healing emotion energy in your organs and circulate through new energy pathways.

By following the guided meditations on these DVDs, you will learn to move the "pear of radiant energy" (created in Fusion 1) through your internal organs, one by one, multiplying the natural virtues that reside there. With this vital energy you can open the Thrusting Routes, which runs through the center of your body linking the chakras, and open the Belt Channels, which spiral around your whole body, strengthening your aura field and providing a form of psychic protection.

This DVD set takes you right into the classroom with Master Mantak Chia at his annual summer and winter retreats at Tao Garden. You will follow the same step by step instruction that his students at the retreat receive. This DVD set, shot in a high resolution format, combines rich detail and clear organization to give you a truly complete experience of Master Chia's teachings.

Running Time   2 hours 35 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introduction (02:42)
  2. Part 1: Theory (24:29)
  3. Part 2: Explanation of the Practice: Formula 1: The Creation Cycle. Growing Compassion Energy. (19:27)
  4. Part 2: Formula 2: The Thrusting Channels. (10:21)
  5. Part 2: Formula 3: The Thrusting Channels and Leg Routes. (14:34)
  6. Part 2: Formula 4: The Belt Channel. (16:1 1)
  7. Part 2: Formula 5: Transferring Thrusting & Belt Channels to the Energy Body. (14:05)
  8. Part 3: Guided Practice of the Five Formulas: Formula 1 : The Creation Cycle. Growing Compassion Energy. (13:39)
  9. Part 3: Formula 2: The Thrusting Channels. (17:14)
  10. Part 3: Formula 3: The Thrusting Channels and Leg Routes. (22:22)
  11. Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort (6:59)
  12. Tao Products (7:33)

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