Fusion of the
Five Elements I

Internal Alchemy: Level I
(2004 Version)

Fusion of the Five Elements I cover picture

Fusion of the Five Elements continues the Taoist Internal Art of Chi energy cultivation by presenting the alchemical process of transforming negative energy to positive. This practice is part of the inner alchemy tradition of Taoism, and allows one to tap into their own inner resources. Fusion of the Five Elements builds on the Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, and Cosmic Orbit and brings the practitioner to a deep level of physical and psychological balance.

On this two DVD set Master Chia will present the history and the theory of the practice. Then he will guide you through the Four Formulas that re-balance negative emotions to become pure, unblocked, life force energy. Fusing these imbalanced energies together in one place creates a state of "ideal climate" within your body giving you access to a very focused, pure and dynamic source of energy within yourself.

Running Time   2 hours 28 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao System. 2:35 minutes
  2. Introduction to the Fusion of the Five Elements. 23:35 minutes
  3. Theory: Pakua Power. 3a. Practice: Changing the Paqkua. 21:52 minutes
  4. Forming the Pakuas, Balanace the Organs enery, Turn the Sesnses Inwardly. 13:51 minutes.
  5. Practice of the Fusion of the Five Elements. 5a. Simple Inner Smile. 5b. Activating the Pakua. 9:58 minutes
  6. Practice: Fusing of the Five Forces and Collectioin Points. 17:20 minutes
  7. Practice: Fusing of the Positive and Negative Emotions. 16:36 minuytes
  8. Theory: Fusing Positive Energy with Nature and Universal Energy. 8a. Forming the Pearl. 8b. Forming the Energy Bodies. 10:45 minutes
  9. Complete Practice of the Fusion of the Five Elements. 17:04 minutes
  10. Tao Garden Health Resort and Spa. 7:04 minutes
  11. Universal Healing Tao Center Products. 8:22 minutes.

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