Tai Chi Chi Kung II

Mind Body Integration
Meditation through Movement

Tai Chi Chi Kung II

Tai Chi II focuses on the discharge of energy and power. It is an often overlooked part of the Tai Chi practice. These two DVDs build on the Inner Structure of Tai Chi I and utilizes the same principles of effortless movement and internal power.


  • Five Direction Flow
  • Move From the Center
  • Flow with Unity
  • Discharge Energy
  • Connect to the Earth

Also, Master Chia shows Single and Double Push Hands. He shows the energetic quality of the different directions of force, and the self-defense applications.

Running Time     1 hour 56 minutes

  1. Universal Tao Introduction
  2. Form(03:44)
  3. Theory (07:00)
  4. Details of Form -- A) Details (26:00)
  5. Details of Form -- B) Form for Practice (05:00)
  6. Application and Drills -- A) Introduction (13:20)
  7. Application and Drills -- B) Turns (08:25)
  8. Application and Drills -- C) Roll Back and Press (01:17)
  9. Application and Drills -- D) Push (03:09)
  10. Application and Drills -- E) Lady's Shuttle (02:35)
  11. Application and Drills -- F) Ward Off (07:28)
  12. Application and Drills -- G) Cutting Leg (03:46)
  13. Application and Drills - A) Leg Work (05:26)
  14. Single Hand Push Hands -- A) Form (04:58)
  15. Single Hand Push Hands -- B) Using the Eight Forces (06:45)
  16. Single Hand Push Hands -- B) Counteracting the Eight Forces (02:41)
  17. Two Hand Push Hands (12:10)
  18. Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort
  19. Tao Products

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