Greatest Kan & Li

Gathering the Cosmic Light

Greatest Kan & Li DVD cover

The essence of the Greatest Kan and Li practice is the establishment of the cauldron at the Heart Center, also known as the Middle Tan Tien or Cinnabar Palace, and the further refinement of the soul and spirit. It is at the Heart Center that most of the Greatest Kan and Li practices take place. The coupling of the energies here, involving macrocosmic-microcosmic energetic, is the central formula. The Kan and Li practices point to the Taoist road to spiritual immortality and Taoist internal alchemy. The immortal fetus is produced, nurtured and finally matures into a spirit body which unites one with the Tao.

Running Time 2 hours 32 minutes

Disc_1 (94 mins)

  1. Getting to Heaven (22:16 mins)
  2. Greatest Kan & Li proper
    1. Activate the Cranial and Sacral Pumps (32:23 mins)
    2. Coupling at the Cauldron (39:56 mins)

Disc_2 (71 mins)

  1. Big Dipper & North Star Connections (18:25 mins)
  2. Coupling at the Cauldron at the Heart (32:18 mins)
  3. Cranium and Planet Forces (19:40 mins)

Zipped files for 2 DVDs
(12 files, approx. 7.3 GB)

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