Greater Kan & Li

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In the Greater Kan and Li, a new cauldron is re-established at the solar plexus, where most of the Greater Kan and Li meditation transpires. The techniques of Greater Kan and Li include the coupling of hot and cold energy at the solar plexus, an extension of the steaming procedures taught in Lesser Kan and Li, and the creation of domestic animals and virgin children by the transformation of pure organ energy.

Running Time 2 hours 32 minutes

Disc_1 (72 mins)

  1. Theory (31:27 mins)
  2. Basic Practice Activate the Fire (14:48 mins)
  3. Cultivating Compassion Practice (14:01 mins)
  4. Earth Force & Spirit Energy (12:24 mins)

Disc_2 (79 mins)

  1. Kan & Li Proper (25:39 mins)
  2. Collect the Energy into Body (22:26 mins)
  3. Enlightenment Immortal Practice (31:25 mins)


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(13 files, approx. 7.4 GB)

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