Sealing of the Five Senses

Sealing of the Five Senses DVD coverMaster Chia has revealed the final level of the Immortal Tao Practices of the Universal Tao System. The “Sealing of the Five Senses” consist in Strengthening the Senses, Activating Sun & Moon, Connecting Senses to Organs, Activating Thrusting Channels, Opening the Virtuous Animals, Clearing the Conception Vessel with the Three Tan Tiens, Clearing the Planets, Building the Aura and Connecting with the Big Dipper and North Star.

Running Time 4 hours 35 minutes

Disc_1 (88 mins)

  1. Theory (13:33)
  2. Opening the Crystal Room (13:39)
  3. First Formula the Figure Eight (14:38)
  4. Activate Pumping System in the Body (33:58)
  5. Formula I (11:56)

Disc_2 (92 mins)

  1. Practice Formula I (27:50)
  2. Formula II (32:47)
  3. Formula III (16:21)
  4. Stored Energy of the Kidneys (15:23)

Disc_3 (95 mins)

  1. Stores Essence of the Energy (22:54)
  2. Formula IV (21:21)
  3. Formula V (18:35)
  4. Practice Formula (32:25)


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