Standing Meditation

Awaken Healing Light

Guided Standing Meditation is a dynamic meditation practice that is both calming and energizing. Considered to be one of the best methods to tonify the body, Standing Meditation is a great way to cultivate more internal energy and becoming grounded.

Learn to:

  • Develop Inner Power
  • Develop Rootedness into the Earth
  • Circulate Internal Energy

Join Master Chia as he guides you through all Seven Stages of the complete Microcosmic Orbit Meditation standing practice. In the course of the meditation you will use subtle breathing methods and more powerful internal locking methods to lead the sexual energy up the spine to the brain.

Running Time   1 hour 4 minutes

  1. Universal Healing Tao Introduction (02:42)
  2. Theory (04:53)
  3. Activating Original Energy (08:18)
  4. Opening the Heart (22:11)
  5. Connect to Mother Earth (02:29)
  6. Activating the Higher Self (04:52)
  7. Opening the Functional Channel (02:47)
  8. Opening the Governor Channel and Connecting to the Heaven Force (06:00)
  9. Connecting the Crown (09:54)
  10. Tao Garden Spa and Resort
  11. Tao Products

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