Basic Training I

2005 Version

Basic Training (2005) DVD coverThe Taoist Basic Training practice is an overview of Taoist Alchemy and internal energy work. This is the most comprehensive program on the Taoist internal arts yet. This DVD set takes you into the heart of the Tao Garden retreat center in Northern Thailand and allows you to experience first hand the teachings of Mantak Chia.


  • Internal Alchemy
  • Awaken Inner Healing Power
  • How to Energize Water
  • Circulate Energy through the Pathways of the Body

Master Chia gives a detailed explanation o­n White Magic, Empty Force Breathing, Inner Smile, Emptying the Mind, the Three Fires, World Link Meditation, Holy Water Practice, and the Cosmic Orbit.

Running Time 3 hours 55 minutes

1. Universal Tao Introduction (02:43 Mins)
2. Theory (18:27 Mins)
3. Laughing Chi Kung (15:27 Mins)
4. Heart Memory (13:03 Mins)
5. Breathing Activates (04:41 Mins)
6. Essence Tao Practice (10:56 Mins)
7. Cosmic Inner Smile (19:41 Mins)
8. Connect Spiral Tree Tan Tien (12:28 Mins)
9. The Practice to Empty the Mind (05:05 Mins)
10. Activate Tree Fires (20:17 Mins)
11. World Link Meditation (04:34 Mins)
12. Holy Water (16:50 Mins)
13. Make Connection (06:37 Mins)
14. Cosmic Orbit Theory (37:33 Mins)
15. Meditation Preparations (35:56 Mins)
16. Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort (07:00 Mins)
17. Universal Tao Product (07:30 Mins)

Zipped files for 3 DVDs
(14 files, approx. 8.7 GB)

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